Learn Woodwind

Have you played a woodwind instrument in the past and you feel that this is the right time to rekindle your love of the instrument, but don’t know how to start?

Are you are a beginner and feel that you need a bit of inspiration?

Maybe you played as a child but now would like to start again?

Or perhaps you would like to play with others in an ensemble?

…Then look no further

What the course will offer

- A chance to meet other players and chat woodwind.
- A 30-minute individual lesson for every attendee from our expert tutors.
- Beginner taster sessions to get you going.
- Playing duets and trios.
- Masterclass
- An introduction to new repertoire.
- A chance to play in our performances



Learn Brass

Want to play a horn like the trumpet, trombone, or tuba? How about French horn or cornet? The Yorkshire Music are now teaching Brass for children and adults of all ages in the Bradford area. If you want to learn to blow a trumpet like Louis Armstrong or Dizzy Gillespie, private lessons are the perfect start.

Have fun, feel confident and excited to learn how to play any brass instrument. Our Teachers use refined techniques to make learning easier and develop a custom lesson plan to match each student’s needs and interests.



Guitar player.

The Guitar Course is a rock and pop-based. Perfectly suited to any aspiring guitarist from the age of seven upwards, lessons are taught on electric and electro-acoustic instruments.

Classes contain typically six to eight students so there will always be a chance to play as a group to complement solo work. Not only does the course material cover skills and techniques that would make other guitarists green with envy, it also fully supports music in the National Curriculum so you can learn while having fun playing!


Junior Piano Course

Junior piano players.

This course is designed specifically for young students who are beginning piano study in a group setting. It also can be used with students who have a combination of group and private lessons

Each book is divided into units. Each unit includes a variety of activities in areas designed to create a comprehensive musician and pianist. New concepts are introduced using motivating music. These concepts are reinforced with written theory, ear training, sight reading, rhythm drills and composition/improvisation exercises.



Young girl singing.

Singing is one of the oldest forms of musical expression. The voice is arguably the most versatile instrument in existence, and its presence can be found across the entire spectrum of musical styles. With a multitude of television programmes currently exploring music and searching for fresh musical talent, there has never been a better time to learn or sing.

The Vocal Course brings an exciting new dimension to voice training. Combining the essential elements of traditional singing classes with up-to-the-minute methods, the main focus of the Vocal Course is on popular music, with elements of jazz and classical styles introduced to provide the broadest possible foundation. Anyone aged six or older can learn to sing with the Vocal Course.



Young boy playing piano.

Learning the piano can be fun, creative and rewarding for anybody with enthusiasm, adult or child. We give piano lessons to people of all standards, from complete beginners to advanced performers.

Theory lessons and aural training are also offered. We have students from very diverse backgrounds and of all ages. With all the classes being individual we arrange the course to suit you.

Examination are taken with the Associated Board Royal School of Music with which we have a 100% pass record many students achieving Distinction.


Acoustic/Classical Guitar

Girl playing accoustic guitar.

The acoustic guitar course is a great way to learn how to play your favourite songs. Lessons focus on developing strumming and finger picking through playing well known pop, rock and blues songs, ranging from the 60s classics by artists such as 'The Beatles' and 'The Rolling Stones' right up to modern day chart hits from 'Ed Sheeran' 'The Red Hot Chilli Peppers' and 'Oasis'.

The acoustic guitar course is perfect whether you want to be able to compose your own pop song or just play along with your favourite band.

Lessons are individual and 30minutes in length.



Drum studio.

The Drum Course is a fun and innovative way to learn to play drums, designed to take the student from beginner to an advanced level. Open to anyone from the age of seven, the Drum Course offers a unique way to learn. The course combines the best elements of traditional one-on-one drum lessons with a creative, modern approach, resulting in unrivalled quality of teaching. As a member of the Drum Course, you'll learn to play in a state-of-the-art drum studio, using the best drums and practise pads. For those who don't have a kit at home, the Drum Course will be the highlight of the week! It'll give you all the skills you need to bring the beat to your band!

At the Yorkshire Music School, all of our teachers are seasoned professionals - many are sesssion musicians or band members - so you're guaranteed the best possible tuition. And with the schools 'live', whole-class teaching approach, we make sure that everyone in the class gets the attention they need, so if you don't have the time to practise at home, you won't fall behind other class members.

Drum notation is taught to supplement the skills and techniques the students will learn. In addition to the musical benefits that the Drum Course brings, it gives the student a huge amount of physical co-ordination and improves posture - for teenage students during the important period of their physical development.




You will learn to play modern Rock and Pop songs on bass guitar, in our studio.

The Bass course follows the Rockschool syllabus and teaches students how to play in a variety of rock and pop styles and how to read music.

Todays songs and well known classics are the basis for our bass lessons. Learn different bass playing techniques with an outstanding teacher in a professional environment.



Little Sprout's Music Studio.

Due to it’s size, the Ukulele is a perfect introduction to music for children starting as young as 5. They will learn not only how to play songs but about melody, rhythm, confidence through performance and discipline.


GCSE Music

GCSE Music

Music as an academic subject provides a unique set of skills which are acknowledged to be excellent preparation for a range of disciplines, careers and vocations. Music combines arts, humanities, maths, science and sociology.

  • It improves academic skills...
  • It develops physical skills...
  • It cultivates social skills...
  • It refines discipline and patience...
  • It boosts self-esteem
  • It introduces other cultures...

Whilst studying for a GCSE in music you will have the opportunity to perform and evaluate music. Study music theory and composition. Learn about different composers and music styles including modern music, film music, minimalism and world music.

Studying GCSE music will motivate and stretch students equipping them with the skills and experience to succeed and go on to further study.

  • You can still study GCSE music alongside your chosen subjects at school.
  • Small class sizes will give you full attention by an experienced and qualified tutor.
  • A one year programme. Small group session over an academic year would allow candidates to take GCSE music within a year.
  • Adults who wish to further their education could also study for a GCSE



Lessons run from September to July.

Group Lessons

£58.50 per month

Individual Lessons

£69.14 per month

Course prices from 1st September 2019. Please see Terms & Conditions.

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